Riviera Romper – Testing it out

Riviera Romper Front 1 WATERMARK


We’re Making WHAT?

I really enjoy testing new patterns and when I saw Suzanne Winter of Winter Wear Design’s tester call for a new women’s pattern, I jumped at the chance to apply to test.

Then I realized it was an adult romper and I was going to have to have pictures of myself in it at the end.  Adult Romper.  Let that sink in. Probably you’re picturing some woman in her late thirties trying to look 17.

No?  Just me?

Riviera Romper Close Up

Sewing It Up

I was pretty sure there was no way I was going to like it but I was committed.  I chose a black light-weight knit for the top and a geometric print in black and khaki/gray for the shorts portion.  Based on Suzanne’s measurement chart, I fell in to a Medium so that’s what I made with the cap-sleeve top option.  I should mention here that my shorts were cut out of one king size pillow case that I had found on clearance at Target (and hoarded for an unreasonable period of time).  While I love the fabric, I probably should have picked something a bit more “flow-y” (as Suzanne recommended) – something in a lawn or voile would be perfect.

I appreciated Suzanne’s attention to detail while we were testing – she was very quick to take feedback from our tester group and make immediate adjustments or changes.  She was determined to get a great fit no matter which size a tester was making – I think this will lead to a great fit for all who buy this pattern.

Based on a couple of pictures I saw of the finished romper I knew I would be more comfortable with a longer short length.  Suzanne knew this might be the case for many women and included cut lines to add length to the shorts; I added just over an inch to mine.

Riviera Romper Back 1 WATERMARK

A-Romping We Will Go – No Wedgies

I can honestly say that I love the way this turned out.  It truly is comfortable; I had horrible visions of reaching to get my four-year old out of the basket at Costco and giving myself the world’s worst wedgie.  Not so.  The fit is such that this is not an issue.  I was also concerned that my bra strap might show with the dip in back; I didn’t find this to be a problem either.

Riviera Romper Test

(wearing your Riviera Romper will instantly make it cooler to drive a minivan, help you feel comfortable carrying in all those groceries or just look good hanging in your backyard)

If you’ve sewn a women’s pattern previously, you know that they can be paper hogs when it comes to printing.  Suzanne has laid out the pattern (and provided a printing guide) so that you are able to print the portion/size you need (i.e. tank top with short length or cap sleeve with capri length).  It does still use a good amount of paper but doesn’t feel wasteful.

In Conclusion

This pattern is not at all difficult to sew – in fact, it goes together pretty quickly.  The portion that took the longest was the binding around the back/neckline.  The instructions are great – and you’ll achieve a nice, finished look if you follow them and pay attention to detail.  One thing that I found helpful was to use hem tape on the cap sleeve hems.  It made the knit much more stable and allowed me to sew evenly all the way around my sleeve hems with out pulling the knit out of shape.

So, sew up a Riviera Romper for yourself and rock it with some attitude!

Riviera Romper Goofy

Many thanks to my good friend Susan at Three Penguins for the good pictures and my seven and four year olds for the “others”.  




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